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Radical Room Escape Game KNF

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Radical Room Escape Game KNF

Radical Room Escape Game KNF

Description »

Imagine yourself being trapped in a room, you are in a hurry and all of a sudden the door shuts and you are trapped. There are some clues and hints which will help you to come out of the room at easy. There are two parts of room where you can find all the clues and hints hidden. All you need to do is use your talents and skills by getting everything as fast as possible. There is a countdown timer on just to keep up the game timing to make you finish it faster. Once you get all the clues you will be able to open your room and can escape. It is such a simple game. It needs a lot of mind power and also a peaceful environment to play this game, when you are relaxed.


Instruction »

Use mouse to play. To select any object use left button.