About us

Who We Are

  KNF Game was established in the year 2015. KNF Game focuses with the perspective measure of developing 2D animated games. We are induced by our intense through innovative ideas in Game Development, Mobile Application Development, Graphic Designs and Creative Marketing Services. Client and server development services for mobile phones and PCs. We achieve in delivering quality products through prominent team of developers, designers, game designers, and test engineer and quality assurance.


Deliver fresh games
KNF GAME launches more than a dozen new games every week. We present games from hundreds of independent developers, spread around the globe

KNF GAME produces innovative and seek out new game concepts, and foster experimental game ideas.

Web Game Development

KNF develop web games using unique technology with great passion. These 2D games facilitate effective gaming experiences on the web.

IOS Game Development

KNF provides awesome gaming experiences by our IOS game development for the iPhones, iPads and tablets.

Android Game Development

KNF deliver the very best gaming experiences driven by our android game development services for smartphones and tablets.

3D Game Development

KNF Game is planning to create 3D animated games in near future by establishing concrete base and focusing in producing 3D animated series.

Future plans

KNF Game is planning to create 3D animated games in the near future and establishing a concrete base for this. KNF Game have a focused vision in enhancing its entertainment media vision which will produce its own animated series in 3D and which will slowly start to produce 3D animated feature films, which will be released worldwide.

Our Services:

  • Game Designing
  • Game Development
  • Android game development
  • E- Learning
  • Graphic Designing
  • 2D and 3D animation video creation

Listen to our users!
KNF GAME players know what they like. We make it easy for them to tell us, with reviews, ratings, favorites, and uploads.

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